Hum JK

Hum JK

Hum JK – pronounced [huhm] [jey] [kay]

Hum JK isn’t just a lifestyle blog; it’s a brand, a perspective, and a learning avenue.

Born & Raised: Toronto

Why become a blogger?

I was inspired to create this blog to share my knowledge for everything I love. Years of marketing for cosmetics, telecommunications, a vitamins and supplements company and owning a few small businesses of my own, builds up a lot of know its. Truth be told, I started micro blogging back in the 90’s when I was on asianavenue (also where I learned how to code). Now you can find me on Twitter, tweeting about everything, Instagram sharing my lifestyle images and Facebook posting my recent blog posts. Blogging has really made digital sharing fun for me again. It is as simple as that, if you were to ask me why do I blog? I blog because I love it!

I consider myself somewhat of a jill of all trades. I’m an animal lover, entrepreneur, book club founder, globe trotter, ex beauty advisor/make-up artist of 10 years and a marketing, social media/e-commerce professional. I haven’t even told you yet about my love for technology!

Style of writing:

Usually short and sarcastic, different depending on my mood and most importantly to the point.


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  1. love your blog and i think you are one of the nicest bloggers out there … u always respond to your readers/viewers

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