November was amazing! What a month, full of adventure, meeting new people, travelling with my love, spending time with my besties and soaking in lots of information.  Have you ever wondered why you have more busier and productive months than others? It’s actually very simple. You invest your time to be at places where you’ll get opportunities or that may encourage you to find them = a busier month.

It’s so easy to get stuck in a rut and find yourself going through your day, weeks, months and years in the same schedule, saying the same things. Things like, “I can’t wait to do this..” or “I’m going to build/make/start….” and then not do anything at all. Why do this to yourself? Essentially you’re holding yourself back. I’m sure you can think of a million and one reasons of why you are and how hard it is to start. Really, all it takes is you beating on your craft, talent and beating, beating until something comes out of it. Metaphorically speaking of course.

You’ll see that managing your life, your schedule and when you have time for particular projects will all lay out the way you want them too. November was a jam packed month for me, because I made the time for these events and I allowed the opportunities to come to me by being present. Whether it’s being present at a networking event, present on your social platforms or present to sit down and work hard at what you do best. Just be present. Put everything else you have on hold, if it really means a lot to you and you really want it. Everything else can wait.

November in a nut shell:

South Korea/Japan Trip

November started off with this amazing two week trip. I’ve posted a KYOTO OOTD and a summary of the famous Naksan Park in South Korea but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. I have so much more to share about this trip. I can’t wait for all these posts to go up. The cultures, people and experiences were amazing. People have asked me, would you go back? I most definitely, would.

Spark Sessions

First weekend back I was ready for a bloggers conference like no other. I was a bit sceptical at first, whether I should attend this event due to the agenda. I felt as if I already had a good idea of where I wanted my blog to go, what I was going to do in terms of short/long term goals and all that technical stuff I had down due to my experience with web and social media. After all, my day time job is being an Online Marketing Specialist. However this weekend was more than a weekend of passing knowledge. It was an opportunity to meet industry people, people I’ve already spoken to via emails, tweets and other forms of online communications. Best of all I met some great bloggers!

spark sessions


Google HQ

I’ve always wanted to go to Google HQ ever since the first tech site wrote about how modern and funky their offices are. Particularly the silicone valley head office. Especially if you’ve seen this movie:


Read more about my Digital Day at Google here.

Miracle 10 Bloggers Event

Miracle 10 is a line of clinical skin care products formulated by The Plastic Surgery Clinic in Yorkville. There’s so much to do in Yorkville. Shopping, restaurants and lots of boutiques. I’ve been to a few different hair dressers and spa’s in Yorkville and none have really stuck to me, where I felt like, I’m definitely coming back to this place. I’ve been using Miracle 10 products for 3 days now and I’ve got to say that I’m impressed. I’m using the Miracle 10 products for a 10 day challenge and can’t wait to share the results!


Elle Magazine VIP event

What a great event! I can’t wait for the next Elle Magazine VIP event. Events like these are the best to go with your girl friends. It makes for the perfect outing. Best combo to a great night out is a group activity and then food. Here’s the full post.

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