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On November 26th Elle Magazine VIP held an event in the distillery district at the ARTA Gallery. Sponsored by Persona World, the event Passport to the World had exhibits for Sahara, Asia and India.

The three exhibits presented Persona World collections that had charms representing these geographic areas. Beautiful charms like the taj mahal, lanterns, a geisha lady and vibrant colours were just some of the charms that stood out to me. Appetizers were served during the event, Sahara exhibit had a Smashbox station, the Asia table had different saki’s and the India exhibit had a henna artist and chai tea.

elle magazine

Greeted by a massive cover of their magazine, coat check and a VIP guest list, I entered the gallery to the end of a presentation on fashion from these three geographic areas. Having travelled to two out of the three places I was excited to see the exhibits and felt a bit nostalgic. We all received a passport card with stamps and visited each exhibit to see the collections. Guests received a persona bracelet and had a chance to chose one charm from any of the three exhibits, tweeting about our chosen charm would get you a bonus Canadian passport charm! So cute.

persona world



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To represent the recent Asia trip I went on, I chose the geisha charm from the Asia collection. I love the hand-painted details and it reminds me of our trip to the Geisha district in Kyoto, Japan.

geisha charm persona world

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