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Photo Credit: Evan Bergstra

It’s October! I get it. Halloween hasn’t even gone by yet and here I am talking about “owning the holidays”. BUT… it’s never too early to start planning where you’re going to shop, what you’ll get and then you won’t have to be stuck the day before finding the lamest gift ever. I was invited to get a preview of what Shoppers Drug Mart will offer this holiday season at a beautifully holiday decorated home and I’m impressed with the line up! So here’s how you’ll own the holidays:

How To Own The Holidays with Shoppers Drug Mart


Make a list and check it twice. As I walked around the beautiful home at the event I could see that there was something for everyone. You don’t want to forget anyone so make a list and make sure you have everyone covered. The amount of stocking stuffer ideas is just insane! And I mean nice stocking stuffers. No cheese ball ideas. Miniature Benefit Cosmetics in gift sets that you can break up to use as stuffers, chocolates (the gourmet kind) and if you really want to get fancy you can even place them inside Christmas crackers.


Write down their interests. What they like, what they need etc. I find making short notes like that helps a lot to figure out whether they’ll like the gift you’ve picked out for them.  Also, you won’t end up getting something they don’t like. Let’s just say it’s a good reminder. I usually use a few words to describe their favourites. So it looks something like this:
Jenny – Chocolate and make-up – Shoppers Drug Mart
What does the store have to do with being in the list? Brings me to the next step.


In your list, beside each person, put down where you’ll get their gift from. This ensures you get all the gifts you needed while you’re at the store. I always make this mistake when doing mass gift shopping and then I have to go back to the same store twice in one day.

What you can find at Shoppers Drug Mart for your holiday shopping needs:


There are so many beauty brands to choose from at Shoppers Drug Mart and even more if you’re at a Shoppers that has a Beauty Boutique.

Photo Credit: Evan Bergstra
Photo Credit: Evan Bergstra
Photo Credit: Evan Bergstra
Photo Credit: Evan Bergstra
Photo Credit: Evan Bergstra

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  1. Cat Forsley Reply

    what a fab event that was xxx
    great group pic and pic of YOU
    wink xxxxx

  2. I swear you guys get the best invites out east. Looks like soooo much fun.

  3. I can’t believe everything that Shoppers sells – who knew they carried cameras and camera equipment?

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