I had the pleasure of attending the Murale beauty event, where I got to see everything that’s coming soon and on the spotlight for Fall 2017! Yes, preparation for Fall 2017 in the beauty world has come! In case you missed my Instagram story from that day I’m sharing the story here:

Murale FALL 2017 Beauty Products

June 2017


This brand has a product called Bee Venom Micro Sting Patches available exclusively at Murale. It’s $110/4×2 patches.
It’s made with pure hyaluronic acid (the good stuff) infused with bee venom. These patches include 350 microneedles in each patch! Whoa. My face is tingling just thinking about what it would do to my skin. The bee venom plumps and smoothes the skin and improves your skin texture. They also have a Bee Venom Body Gel for $78 – 200 ml.
I haven’t tried anything from this brand yet. Available exclusively at Murale.

The Organic Pharmacy

Lots of new products in this brand! The ones that stand out to me is the Carrot Butter – $99/75 ml. It’s a creamy cleanser for all skin types that gets rid of everything dirty on your face, including make-up. It has sheabutter,cocoa butter, calendula (awesome stuff), rosemary, chamomile, st johns wort, vitamin E and carrot of course!

Jasmine Night Conditioner – $70/50 ml is something I received to try. I can’t wait to try this! Stay tuned to my insta story for when I try it and what my first thoughts are about this. It’s a soothing facial mist that you apply at night. It repairs your skin while you sleep. It has jasmine to hydrate and improve radiance, glycolic acid to increase cell turnover and reduce discolouration, retinol to reduce wrinkles and boost collage production and vitamin c. Great for battling those fine lines and wrinkles. (My tip: With this product you have to ensure you use SPF during the day. And I say this from my own experience of using glycolic acid and retinol in the past. Those ingredients don’t suit everyone and everyone’s skin reacts differently. So do a patch test before you apply it all over the face.) Available exclusively at Murale.

July 2017


You may have noticed my insta story of me using these gel masks before for the eyes and the face. Well, they have a Hydro Cool Firming Neck Gels – $45/4 gels. This neck gel is amazing for restoring the elasticity in your skin, diminishing horizontal lines on your neck and any dark spots. In August, they have a winter rehab kit where you can try a face oil, eye pen, cream, face wash and 2 hydro cool firming eye gels (my favourite). $50.

August 2017


I forever have ran from falsies. I just don’t feel comfortable in them and I suck at applying them to myself. Until I met velour. I tried these lashes on at the event and felt like they weren’t even on me! Now that’s my kind of lashes. They have a wicked new lash adhesive coming out that is going to change the lash glue game forever! $18/10 ml. Also, Too Easy Lash Applicator – $26 . These two are on my must have list!

Nia (not into aging)

I am super stoked to try there new Sunday Detox Whipped Clay Peel-Off Mask – $39/121 g. It has my favourite mask ingredient,white kaolin clay. Also the bamboo charcoal powder mousse works together with the kaolin to draw out dirt from the pores. You let it dry, then peel it off. Also reduces the appearance of blackheads. Available exclusively at Murale.

September 2017


The Espada – $199 device cleats and heals acne blemishes with LED blue-light to penetrate below the skins surface.
Easy to use, clean your face, aim to spot, treat and repeat up to 4 times.


Have you tried there cream cleanser? It comes with a cloth and has a luxurious cleansing process.
They have a new Gel Balm Cleanser $72/100ml that will be travel and shower friendly! Comes out like a gel, when massaged into wet skin it turns into a milky texture. Keeps your skin moisturized for up to 12 hours!

cream cleanser
Cream Cleanser
Cream Cleanser

Lipstick Queen

This has got to be the first in the beauty industry, a black blush! It turns sheer berry on your cheeks and activates to different tones on  all skin tones and types. Has natural oils, vitamin e and shea butter. Black Lace Rabbit Blush $33

Also, watch out for their nude lipstick collection. $32

murale eye cream
murale eye cream

This new anti-aging eye cream has passionflower and hyaluronic acid that smoothes and illuminates the area. It also helps with puffiness and wrinkles. Nuxe is a great brand ive tried before. Nuxellence Eye Care $57/15 ml.

October 2017


I’m so excited about this brand! It’s a Canadian brand and owned by Patrick Ales. Goes way back to 1966 when he invented the blow-dry. Click here for his story. He’s got amazing hair, moustache and beard probably due to using his own products. 😉 They have a line called Phytodensia coming soon, it has a plumping shampoo $30 / 200 ml, Plumping Mask (I can’t wait to try it!) $54 / 175 ml and a plumping serum $48 / 30 ml (want it!). All of these products have my favourite ingredient, hyaluronic acid.

phyto at murale
Vitamins for strong healthy hair

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