I remember when I bought my first wood watch and the amount of people that approached me and asked me where I had got mine. So unique, made of wood, standing out from the rest. My husband thought it was cool and wanted one, but never really looked into it. So when our wedding anniversary came around this year, I thought to myself..for my love, a wood watch by JORD.

versatile watchEver since baby D was born we have both been slacking in the accessories department. I haven’t touched my earrings, long necklaces, watches and rarely did I see him wear his watches. You go through a lifestyle change and sometimes don’t realize how it affects the little things around you. Those little things that might change your day entirely, because of the way you hold yourself, because you feel prettier or simply put together. As I was going through the many options on the JORD site, one thought that kept coming to my mind was “wow, they look comfortable.”

men watchesIf you look at the furniture we’ve picked out for our home, we prefer the hand-crafted rugged wood texture vs anything else. So naturally, we’re drawn to JORD watches that are best known as luxury hand-crafted, all-natural wooden watches. Their watches tell more than time. When you take a closer look, you can see the fine details of how it was crafted. Even the packaging is a wooden box with a secret compartment on the side. It works as an awesome gift idea, especially if you want to get a message engraved on the box or the watch. JORD, by the way, offers that service. Customizing a gift to someone you love, makes it even more timeless.

JORD luxury wood watchJORD The watch I chose for D was the Zebrawood & Dark Sandalwood watch from the Conway Series. I love the two-tone wood on this watch and it has a chronograph functionality. Classic meets modern at its best!

This versatile watch can go from casual to fancy, real quick. He wears it to work…

and with no problem can style it with any of his blazers, dress shirts and even his messenger bag from Korea, he takes with him everyday to the office.

TIP: You can use lemon or orange oil extract for cleaning the wood.

It’s definitely a talking piece. The type of wood it’s made from, the sapphire glass, the two tone wood combination and the story behind how and where you purchased such a unique piece from. P.S The Conway Series is splash-proof, hand finished and pre treated with tung oils. 


This JORD watch goes from the office to some after work play time with Baby D. Baby D is a busy little guy who loves climbing anything! Including his dad. He’ll look for things to grasp on, to get as high as he can. In some cases, clothes and even accessories.

It’s comforting to know that the JORD watch is strong enough and safe (no sharp edges), even for play time with a busy toddler like Baby D. If you can handle a busy toddler with this watch then you know you’ve really put it to the test of maximum versatility.toronto mom blogger

gifts for men watchDo you own a wood watch? How does it fit in with your lifestyle?


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