Alice in wonderland bridal shower

It’s Thursday and you know what that means (on Twitter and Instagram at least)… Throwback Thursday! I like being different and thinking outside of the box, especially for party themes. I was really excited when I found a few ladies online, who shared their Alice in Wonderland themed bridal showers. All of a sudden, I didn’t feel so silly for choosing it as my theme. You still get a few people looking at you puzzled, like “whaaa? Alice in Wonderland? So, do you like, dress up as a rabbit?” Haha. That was the best response I got.

I compiled an album of images from my google search for ideas and inspiration. Here are some of them:

alice in wonderland
Tea cups, flowers & decor


alice in wonderland bridal shower
Cake & Sweets Table Ideas

alice in wonderland bridal shower

eat me cupcakes

alice in wonderland bridal shower theme
Dress inspiration             Teen Vogue Mia Wasikowska

As soon as I knew my theme, I was on a look out for everything that could work for decor. It isn’t hard to pull off this theme, especially around spring time when you have faux flowers, rabbits and green everywhere! I was fortunate enough when one day I got off the street car, at the wrong stop and accidentally found a tea shop that had dedicated their entire window display to Alice in Wonderland. They had tea pots, topsy turvy decor, clocks and more. The store wasn’t open at the time, so I went back later. If you’re in Toronto you MUST check out this store for any of your high tea events; Pippins Tea Company on Queen Street West.

One of the items that I was SO in love with at this store was their tea cup clock. Kind of looked like this (Note: It’s not the size of an average wall clock, approx. 25 inches length and width):

tea cup clock

The price tag was a bit much to be used only for the bridal shower and at the time not knowing where I would put it didn’t justify the purchase. One day though, I may hunt this piece down for a room dedicated to where my ladies and I can have our afternoon tea or even look into making this my DIY project.

The ladies who own and/or work at Pippins Tea Company are incredible! As soon as I told them the theme of my bridal shower they were giving me lots of ideas, tips and helped me out with letting me rent a large hot water dispenser for the event and gave me Alice In Wonderland boxes for free! (The boxes were used to put the prizes inside for the games we played.)

Alice in Wonderland prizes

I bought all of my tea supplies and decor from Pippins. Best find ever!

alice in wonderland centerpeice
Pippins Tea Company: Key hole centerpiece


TIP: To give height to my centerpieces I added some books wrapped in colourful tissue paper. We did a poor job in wrapping them because we were last minute with this idea but it did the trick. 

Pippins Tea Company - Tea pot

I got a styrofoam ball from Michaels and put these faux green grass pieces all around the top half and placed it on top of the pot. TIP: If you can find a half ball, that would be so much better. The white part of the ball kept peeking through whenever a guest would brush their arm or hand against the top. A half would stay put and not move as much. 

pippins tea

We left some of the loose tea we bought from Pippins Tea Company open and some already packed into tea bags for guests. Leaving it open allowed our guests to smell how amazing the tea was. It was hard picking only two flavours since they have SO many at their shop. TIP: Label your teas. We forgot!

tea cups bridal shower
I used many different sets of tea cups for the event, just like the actual movie and story when all the characters in Alice in Wonderland are sitting around the tea table, notice how each one has a different cup/saucer?

mad tea party - google search image

mad tea party - google search image

I added a few other little Alice in Wonderland touches to the table decor. Clock, playing cards, rabbits and colourful food plates for the lunch that was served. If you choose to do this theme you could always just do high tea foods like sandwiches, croissants etc, however I always like to do lunch as well. The lunch wasn’t part of the theme at all. Fusion of Italian and Indian food is what the majority loved to eat, so that I did.

mad tea party


mad hatter tea party setting

I was bursting with excitement when my bridesmaids surprised me with an Alice in Wonderland themed cake, cookies, cupcakes and cake pops! What darlings to organize the very best themed sweets table I’ve ever set my eyes on. (Thank you loves!)

Alice in Wonderland Cake

Alice in Wonderland Cake
Alice in Wonderland Cake

Alice in Wonderland Cake

Alice in Wonderland Cake Pops

Alice in Wonderland Cookies
For the takeaways I made these Alice in Wonderland themed gift bags that held an eye shadow/eyeliner set with lip gloss. These bags are really easy to make.

alice in wonderland theme

You need:

white gift bags
black and Red construction paper
hole puncher
black ribbon
red tissue paper


Cut out hearts and clubs out of the black and red construction paper. Put aside. Punch holes into the hearts and clubs as seen in above picture and do the same for the white gift bags. Weave the black ribbon through the hearts/clubs (make sure the ribbon only shows behind the shapes) and then through the gift bag. Tie in back. Fill the bags with the tissue paper and gifts. Voila!

To bring this entire event to full circle I had to play the part by wearing a rabbit outfit  wearing a blue dress like Alice does in her story. At first I looked everywhere for a blue dress and I found one but it wouldn’t come in time from Dubai for my bridal shower. So I got permission from the designer to have something like it made here in Toronto. I found a seamstress on Queen Street who I read in an article had done many dresses for different stars who would come to Toronto for shows. Kingi from Peach Berserk took my design and created it beautifully. I was on a time constraint otherwise there were a few things I would’ve asked to have fixed but otherwise it was perfect!

peach berserk toronto

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