globe style advisor“You’re Invited! Join an exclusive Globe and Mail celebration!”…..

That was the title of the email I received two weeks ago. Of course I was really excited to go! The event was held at the Fermenting Cellar in the distillery district. After looking at two maps, asking someone for directions and then joining two girls who also couldn’t find it, we finally arrived! As soon as I got there I realized I had passed by it three times! And I had parked right in front of it. I guess it was just one of those nights. Air head kind of night.

It was really awesome of Globe and Mail to invite some of us bloggers/influencers to this celebration. It was full of opportunities to snapchat, vine, IG and tweet! It was hard to find anyone I knew because the venue was pretty big, so the inner Dora in me started exploring the place and noticed so many cool details that I probably wouldn’t have noticed if I had been with a group chit chatting networking. But it would’ve been nice if we could bring a guest. Sometimes I like to have a second photographer/friend. Hopefully next year! 🙂


The event was organized by Toronto’s top event planning duo Candace and Alison, who ran with a red theme all around the venue. There was a 42 ft matrix-inspired Twitter wall that showcased content of the new Globe Media portfolio and different zones for food, dessert, drinks and more! My favourite was the Fashion & Beauty zone by Globe Style Advisor. The live performance by electropop duo, Brave Shores was great but I listened on in a tad bit of sadness that I had forgotten to give my ticket with my name for the raffle. A chance to win a trip to NYC and an iPad mini?! New York is always a great idea for a trip! The gentleman standing in front of me for a fashion illustration won the ipad. Lucky soul.

fashion and beauty globe style advisor

I heard from the grapevine that the Fashion Illustrations idea came from Andrew Sardone! Absolutely brilliant! I love getting my face illustrated and caricatures. The last time I had one done was when I was at Social Media Week in New York a few years ago. There were two fashion illustrators and I got in the line to see Joce Teng. I love her signature of round circles on the cheeks of her illustrations. I’ve recognized it from her work with Louis Vuitton and L’oreal. She is so talented and really sweet to talk too. She also shared her illustration of me on her instagram account! Eeeeiii!!! 🙂

joce teng fashion illustrator


There was also a nail bar presented by Her Majesty’s Pleasure, I was on the waiting list but by the time it was my turn the event was over. From the looks of it, they were painting nails red. Oh well, I’ll have to check them out on King Street soon.globe style   tapas quail egg This was my favourite spanish tapa: Petite Tartlettes   quail egg tapas  

BONUS: Here some more pictures from when I curled up with Daniyal to read the Holiday edition of
Globe Style Advisor

cookie snatcher!

baby cuddles

globe style advisor IMG_8768

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  1. I would love to be your handy photographer anytime you’d like to take someone to these events hehehe your fan – @destiny_786
    -Sarah 😉

    • and now you probably think i am one of those social media trolls LOL stalking you
      haha *sigh

      • Humara Reply

        Not at all! You take your time to read and comment. 🙂

    • Humara Reply

      I’ll definitely be in touch when an opportunity comes up! 🙂

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