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I love Fall! It’s so weird to say Fall is here when you don’t see any tree’s with leaves changing colours. It truly feels like Fall when I see either almost bare branches or colourful trees. Sorry not sorry for those who live in climates where Fall doesn’t look like that. 


Just a regular day, strolling the neighborhood I picked out some new and old clothes to create this look. This COS Cashmere toque from the lovely people at Globe Style was styled with some awesome customized pins. Definitely a different style I’ve never tried before. What do you think?

globe style



zara heels

One of my favourite things we did when we went to California a few years ago was shopping! We did so much of it that to this day, I find stuff I bought back then, that I haven’t worn enough of. Like this blouse from a cute shop called Irene’s story that is only available in Cali but you can shop for their items online. I love the hardware detail on the collars. So unique!



Blouse: Irene’s Story (California) // Toque: COS // Faux Fur: H&M // Jeans: Club Monaco // Heels: Zara

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  1. I am glad the fur is H & M fake fur. Knowing an animal wasn’t harmed to make an outfit just makes the outfit that much prettier!

    • Humara Reply

      omygosh! You know what I was just telling my friend yesterday that I need to change the title to faux fur so no one thinks it’s real! I just logged on to do that! Thank you for the comment and reading the post

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