Double digit weather is finally here and I’m getting ready for patio and picnic dates! It’s a bit tricky deciding on what to wear to a summer picnic. It really depends on what sort of activities you’ll be participating in or the lack of. My general rule of thumb is, if it’s a picnic where you’re playing sports or helping with the BBQ, then I lean towards wearing pants and a top. If I’ll be relaxing and just enjoying the weather, then I want to look cute. Looking cute was a lot easier before having kids. Now whatever I choose to wear, it has to be cute but also “nursing friendly”.


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If you have been following my blog, Twitter and Instagram stories, you’ll see me mention some of the great #DixieDeals I’ve been finding at the Dixie Outlet Mall. The best is when I don’t even know it’s on sale and I get to the cash register to find out an item is less than half the price. Half! That’s just the best thing ever!

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True story: I’ve been looking for a nice dress to wear this summer where I’ll have easy access to nurse my newborn, yet look good in it. I was passing by Ardene’s at Dixie Outlet Mall and noticed the racks at the front of the store with a few dresses hanging. There is one dress that really stood out to me. It was a strapless maxi dress in a cool faded blue tone made with a light cotton fabric (ideal for super-hot days). The tag said $35, and because I loved it at first sight, it was a done deal to purchase it. I went to the cash register and I found out that it was actually $11! I couldn’t contain my excitement and I said out loud, “Wow! Really?!”. I looked back at the racks, contemplating if I should buy more. More of the same colour? Maybe buy it for a friend or my sisters? You know it’s a good deal when you feel like you need to buy more.
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I love the details on this dress; the cute pattern and the additional piece of fabric over the chest. I’m not yet comfortable with wearing a strapless dress alone or without anything over it. My arms gained weight during my pregnancy and I’ve become self-conscious about them. It’s a weird feeling because I never gained weight on my arms before. Because of this, I started looking for a light cardigan of some sort to wear over the dress. I’ve passed by the store Treasure Hunt many times since I started shopping at Dixie Outlet Mall. I’ve always wondered what was in there!

Treasure Hunt is exactly that: a treasure hunt. They have so many items at insanely low prices. I went over to the clothing section and found a white maxi cardigan that I’m wearing above for only $10! So incredible! On a side note: my husband has been asking me about getting him rain boots for a while now. He needs them for when he uses the power washer or doing outdoorsy stuff. The rain boots I found here were $20 at other stores, but I bought them from Treasure Hunt for only $8! With taxes included.

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flat lay toronto blogger

For every picnic you need a nice blanket or a light carpet to sit on. I picked this one up from Winners for just $30. It’s perfect because it fits in a standard bag so that I can take it with me anywhere and picnic whenever I want to! I love practical purses, especially the ones from my favourite Canadian purse designers Matt and Nat. It’s a vegan leather line, made in Montreal. I’ve always wanted a purse by them but I rarely find their purses and when I do I usually couldn’t justify the price. Imagine how excited I got when I found this lemonade Matt and Nat purse at Winners for $79.99! I love its geometric shape and the so unique colour. It’s perfect to take to a picnic because it holds so many essentials! This is going to be my new “blogger purse” because it fits my slr and more.

This is my summer go to picnic look. I’m going to take it easy in this ootd and enjoy a picnic wherever and whenever I want. Do you have a favourite outfit you like to wear to picnics? Comment below with tips on what to wear to a picnic.

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Disclaimer: I’m a Dixie Outlet Mall ambassador and this post has been sponsored by Dixie Outlet Mall. However, all views and opinions expressed in this post are of my own regarding the products and services.



  1. A really beautiful blog post Humara. I absolutely love picnics. The dress looks beautiful on you. I love gardens and flowers. You are a beautiful mommy. I love your written articles by the way. They are truly beautiful and inspire me. Love the photos on this post they are truly stunning. You are a lovely blogger and I adore your work. Have a magical rest of the week!

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