Velour Lashes is a Toronto based beauty brand that makes (in my opinion) the best luxury faux lashes! I had the pleasure of attending their very first pop up shop at the Eaton Center via Sephora. This pop up’s main goal was to “inspire lash confidence”. It did the trick for me, that’s for sure. A pro at applying falsies on others but terrible at doing my own. Finally a product I’m confident in applying to myself. Naturally I have long eyelashes and with mascara I can get them even longer and thicker. But the look I get with falsies doesn’t compare. You can see the difference in my pictures especially when I go full glam on my eyes. 

velour lashes

Velour Lashes REVIEW + Live in Lashes EVENT [BEAUTY]

At the event, we were lucky to watch a make-up demo done by celebrity make-up artist Patrick Ta. He walked us through a live make up tutorial where he explained each step to create the look and the products used. As he did the make up tutorial, he took questions from the audience. Questions like how he likes working with celebrities like Jenner and Khloe Kardashian. As he applied the Velour Lashes to the model, he said:

“I love using these lashes on clients because it adds dimension to the eyes but is comfortable enough for everyday wear.”
– Patrick Ta, Makeup Artist


To be honest, he’s so absolutely right! Coming from someone who use to wear lashes once or twice a year, I’ve worn my Velour lashes already more than a handful of times, because they’re so easy to put on and feel super comfortable. The strip where you apply the glue is thin and flexible so it adheres to the skin  as close as possible which I guess is why it feels so light.

I highly recommend getting the too easy lash applicator tool. I would be lost without it when applying lashes. The angled grip helps to get the lashes on perfectly. It retails for $27.00 CAD. Most of the lashes are in the $30 something price point and come  in mink, silk or you can customize your own. Shop here.

At the lash make over station was where I had the pleasure of getting velour faux lashes put on me by Mable Lee. She is the founder of Velour and she is so awesome! She first tested a few different lashes against my last line to see which one would look best and to see if it needed to be cut and fixed. Not surprised, but the lash fit my eye ball and needed no adjustments. Which is one of the many reasons why I love these lashes.

One of the lashes I’ve been wearing on repeat is “dolled up”:

velour lashes

I talked to Mabel Lee about how she enjoys being a young entrepreneur, marriage, children and her favourite lashes. She is really down to earth and full of energy! Here’s here advice to women out there who are trying to become entrepreneurs:
If you take care of your lashes you can get up to 70x wear for a pair. Check out the below image for tips and don’t forget to save it on pinterest!

3 tips and tricks to applying false lashes

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  1. I wish I knew how to put on lashes lol – they would end up looking like spiders on my eyes lol

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