Why do you love EyeShadow Palettes?

I love them because you have all the colours you need in one organized palette. That’s not always the case, but your go to palettes do have that quality. I have way too many, but I’ve rummaged through them all to pick my TOP 5! They’re in no particular order and I love them all equally. I apologize in advance that 2 out of the 5 you won’t be able to purchase but I had to include them in my TOP 5 or else I’d be lying. Without further ado, let’s get started!


This palette had been launched soon after NAKED1’s success. I personally love NAKED2 more than the first one. I travel with this one every opportunity I get! I feel confident that it won’t break in transit because of the tin case and it has all the colours I would need on a trip. I usually keep my make-up to a bare minimum on trips and use more contouring and highlighting colours from this palette. For an evening look I smoke it up with the matte black.


CARGO – Plant Love

I’ve had this palette for awhile but never opened it and used it. It was like finding treasure! This line of make-up by CARGO has:

No dyes
No Parabens
Not tested on animals

This palette is an all in one. I believe it was never made for retail and was only for the official CARGO make-up artists. During my time with CARGO when they were situated in Toronto I had the pleasure of taking this kit home. How many of you would love a kit like this? It has eyeshadows, blushes, bronzers and pressed powder!


cargo cosmetics plant lovecargo plant lovecargo cosmetics palette

Smashbox Full Exposure

smashbox full exposure

smashbox full exposure palette

This palette is beautifully divided into two different rows of eyeshadows. One for matte shades and the other for shimmer. What I love about this kit is that it comes with an “eye shape” guide to show you based on your eye shape how to apply the different shapes. You can also learn from this Smashbox video: here

Here’s the swatch of the essential neutrals that can be worn everyday and the shimmers to take you into the evening: (I promise to do better swatches in future reviews!)

full exposure palette



QUO is a Shoppers Drug Mart exclusive brand. Some people usually steer away from drug mart brands but this is one you should definitely give a chance. It’s not in the luxury end of products but some of their products like this eyeshadow palette are a bit more expensive. You pay for the quality that you get! These eyeshadows have so much pigment that you won’t be using much to get its true colour. On a side note, I would be careful with these half spheres, because if you press too hard with your brush or finger the shadow will break. That is the only downfall of this palette.

quo palette quo palettequo palette swatch


CARGO – Catwalk

This is a palette that CARGO or another cosmetics company needs to jump on this idea. Palettes with themes are great for seasonal. We see them every season. Summer, winter etc colours all in one palette. What about themes like this for any time of the year?

This catwalk palette has quilted blushes and cute buttons for eye shadows. The magnetic book is perfect for storing and the shadows have rich pigments.


cargo catwalk palette cargo cosmetics catwalk palette cargo catwalk palette swatch


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