To be honest, I’m enjoying the freedom to watch cartoons again. I mean, of course, with him. I read an article a few months back about interacting with your children while they get screen time helps them actually focus and learn from what they’re watching. Otherwise, they can easily fall into just watching shows aimlessly. So here are my TOP 3 interactive ways to watch Netflix with your toddler:

Watch Netflix with Your Toddler

TOP 3 Interactive Ways to Watch Netflix with Your Toddler


Asking your toddler what/why/how pertaining to the episode they’re watching helps them to stay in focus on what’s going on. It always opens communication with the parent. Usually, when I ask questions, soon after I’m holding some toys and we’re reenacting what happened on the scene he just watched on Paw Patrol.Or I’m googling for answers to his questions about specific animals. If you ask questions, they will too. Watch Netflix with Your Toddler


If Baby D is watching, for an example, Mother Goose Club or the opening credits to any of the shows I sing along or even say the words I remember in the song and encourage him to join in. Even repeating important parts of the show helps with being interactive. Dora the Explorer is an easy one for this. This show actually interacts with the viewer, by asking questions, asking for help in making decisions and lots of repeating of words in English and Spanish!

Watch Netflix with Your Toddler


I use toys that relate to the show. If we’re sitting down to watch shows with animals, then I line up all his animals. This one is a really good one if you have a hard time shortening your toddlers’ screen time. It’s a great transition into playing with toys.

Watch Netflix with Your Toddler
netflix for toddlers

Here are some great shows to watch with your toddler (for more, click the image):

Watching shows with Baby D that he loves, shows him my interest in his life. Shows him how much I care and love his obsession with animals. The beginner steps to being a supportive parent start here.

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TOP 3 Interactive Ways to Watch Netflix with Your Toddler

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  1. This is so cute! Loved all the tips. Glad to see Super Why is still a favourite of little humans.

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