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We all have that go to t-shirt, pants, shoes and even purse. Whatever your staples may be, you want them to last forever! I’ve teamed up with ThirdLove, a San Francisco company who specialize in under garments to bring you staple saving tips from them and some of my own.

Top 10 Tips To Save Your Staples

1. Bra Care:

taking care of your bras

  • If you don’t hand wash them, then always machine wash with the gentle/delicate cycle.
  • Don’t mix your whites with colours.

2. Underwear:

taking care of your underwear

3. Wear an apron:

bf8c3b9bc76cae3c18c93e4bcc6eb1b6 If you’re stepping into the kitchen to cook, you’ll want to wear an apron to protect your clothes. Anything could happen when you’re cooking. For an example, the oil you might be cooking with could splash onto your clothes. Or how about baking. I know when I’m baking I somehow always get flour on me. So do your clothes some justice and wear an apron.

4. Denim:

This goes for all your favourite denim clothes. Jean, jean jackets, denim dresses etc. I have a question for YOU my readers. I have a pair of jeans that no matter how many times I wash them they still bleed blue. What up with that? I’m too scared to wear them now, especially since I have camel colour leather seats in my car. Have you experienced this before? And if you did, what did you do to fix it?

taking care of your jeans

5. Sew:

Learn basic sewing and fix any minor mishaps in your clothing. It’s a great skill to have. I can’t even begin to count how many times one of my favourite jackets or shirts lost a button and I saved it to sew back. Now, you might know how to sew, and just never find the time to actually do it. Like me. In that case, that shirt or jacket wasn’t your favourite after all.

6. Bleach? Forget about it. 

Bleach has the power to wear out your clothes real quick. So use bleach only when you really have too.

7. Read the labels:

I guess this one is kind of obvious. If you read the labels of your clothes then of course they’ll last longer. Different fabrics and types of clothing need different degrees of care. Even though it sounds tedious, it’s a good habit to get into.

8. Handbags:

It’s always so much fun cleaning out handbags. I always find almost everything I was looking for in them.


9. Hang dry:

Hang your clothes to dry. I’m guilty of not purchasing a drying rack for years. Okay, we did have one, once upon a time and it fell apart. I never got around to replacing it. Our new laundry room has a window and lots of folding and organizing space. Yay! So I finally got one and have the perfect spot for it, by the window of course. Lots of fresh air to dry our favourite staples. Make sure to keep clothing separated so they dry faster and have good air circulation. You can also invest in a space saving drying rack for smaller rooms, like this one:

space saving drying rack


10. Don’t wash clean clothes:

I know you must be eager to add more to your laundry, but please don’t. You may not realize but that t-shirt you took off today and threw into your dirty laundry basket, wasn’t dirty. If it looks clean, doesn’t smell and the only flaw is its wrinkles, then don’t wash it. Some dryers have a refresh feature, where you can throw in clothes that have zero stains and a few wrinkles. My samsung dryer sprays clothes with a little water and then goes through the usual drying process. It’s an awesome feature!

Do you have any tips on how you save your staples? P.S Use promo code STAPLES for 15% off your entire order until the end of 2016!


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