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FINALLY! Friday is here! It has been a long week catching up to work that I missed while I was away in New York for Social Media Week. Again, thank you so much Nokia for having me. I put together some things that made me happy, smile & LOL this week. Enjoy!

Fave Video: I haven’t had a girls night with my besties in a long time due to our busy schedules. When I saw this video it made me feel all warm and cuddly inside.

Fave Motivation: The time when I contemplated whether I should get up for a yoga session, and then I saw this. Done deal. Up and ready to go!

Fitness Motivaton

Fave Hairstyle: I come across some pretty cool hairstyles everyday and I save them on Pinterest or in my phone. Thinking, one of these days I’ll take some extra time to try it. My goal is to try one every week. Okay maybe every month. Hehe.

braided hair

Fave Recipe: I’m always on the hunt for inspirational recipes. I bake and cook almost everyday and I love it! I’m in love with this recipe for nerdy brownies and subscribed to see more of her videos!

Fave Office Decor: Kind of late to the Valentine Share party, but I have some of these in my office and every time I see them, without fail. I giggle. :”) Good ol’ Rob Ford.

Rob Ford Valentine

    Happy Friday :”)

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