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Miracle10 – 10 Day Skin Challenge

Using a sunscreen every day and a well formulated AHA is great for a more healthier, even-toned complexion. What products do you use on a daily basis? Do any of your products contain AHA’s? A good AHA cream helps rid dead skin cells to bring a more radiant skin layer to surface. I tried Miracle10 for 10 days and here’s what happened… Just to catch you up to speed with my Miracle10 experience, read my previous post about the bloggers event I went too. I get really nervous about using new skincare or anything with AHA’s because of this one time I used glycolic acid around my eyes. A little too close to my eyes. Side note: don’t put anything with AHA’s or glycolic acid close to your tear ducts. Apply in the outer area with gentle tapping motions. I used the cleanser I, toner and serum. The cleanser I used every morning…