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KerMax Hair Experience and Meeting Grego Minot [BEAUTY]

My hair has literally gone from thick to thin and thick again in the last 4 years.  I am loving my hair right now! It’s been through so much but its finally at a place where I love it. Pregnancy and post pregnancy can really take a toll on the health of your hair. This month I was invited to Medulla & Co, a hair salon in Yorkville, to discuss KerMax hair products. KerMax Hair Event I had a chance to sit with Dr. Michael Carozza, a naturopathic doctor and the beautiful Grego Minot. She’s a Canadian TV personality, and many of you will recognize her from the show The Real Housewives of Toronto. She is even more sweeter and beautiful in person. For those of you who missed my instagram story for that day, she spoke about her hair experience after pregnancy. She also talked about how KerMax…