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What Happens During Brunch With Bloggers

During my early years as a blogger, I wondered what it would be like to sit among other like-minded individuals in the blogging world. So here I am, this year, with lots of breakfast, lunch/brunch and dinners with other bloggers and I gotta say, what an awesome experience! Some bloggers are very different in person from what I actually thought they’d be like according to their posts and online voice. And others, like the below crew, are exactly the same offline as they present themselves online. When they’re exactly the same, I have to admit I get such a feel-good feeling. It’s wonderful to see that realness and authenticity come to life. So here’s what happens during brunch with bloggers: Bloggers – Left to right: YesMissy – Cat Forsley – Dianas Healthy Living – Maggie Adhami – ME – Shoetease What Happens During Brunch With Bloggers Last month I met up with…

How To Enter The Spring Season [Style]

How To Enter The Spring Season What do you do when you’ve gotten use to your massive parkas, hats, gloves and gazillion layers? All of a sudden the weather is screaming Spring, with sun and rain in the forecast, what do you wear? FIRST Get rid of your heavy jacket. Replace it with something light, but not too light. March/April can still be a bit chilly. Usually windy and raining. On sunny days I go for a trench coat and windy/raining days a wool coat and umbrella if needed. SECOND Pick accessories that welcome Spring. Pastels, fleur and happy colours and print in general. THIRD Pick an outfit according to your day. I went with simple black leggings and a T since I was running errands.           LAST   Your choice of foot wear should be based on the weather. If you’re in and out of a…

Hoods up, Sunnies on

Just one of those “hoods up, sunnies on” type of days. I got this sweater a while back online from The Bay. It’s from the Style & Co brand. When I first looked at their items I was a bit turned off from the styles and options they had but if you keep going through their items you’ll find something that speaks to you and your style. I opted for this sweater because at the time I was pregnant and loved the flowy idea for more belly space but I also knew it would be something I’d wear after as well. I guess most of my casual wear is loose fitting and flowy. My sisters call it “dressing cute”. With all that black going on with this outfit I needed this sparkly clutch to add some pizzazz. Sweater: Style & Co // Shoes: Aldo // Purse: Sergio Feretti

What I Wore: Faux Fur & Cashmere

Hello OCTOBER! I love Fall! It’s so weird to say Fall is here when you don’t see any tree’s with leaves changing colours. It truly feels like Fall when I see either almost bare branches or colourful trees. Sorry not sorry for those who live in climates where Fall doesn’t look like that.  WHAT I WORE: FAUX FUR & CASHMERE Just a regular day, strolling the neighborhood I picked out some new and old clothes to create this look. This COS Cashmere toque from the lovely people at Globe Style was styled with some awesome customized pins. Definitely a different style I’ve never tried before. What do you think? The pin is in. @finalfashionartist’s latest illustration (it’s @dior of course) for the back page of #GlobeStyleAdvisor A photo posted by Globe Style (@globestyle) on Oct 2, 2015 at 7:38pm PDT One of my favourite things we did when we…

What I Wore: A Metallic Statement

You could wear the most simplest outfit anywhere and add pizzazz with anything metallic. It can be in your shoes, accessories or a top. I’m not too keen on metallic pants though :”/  For a friends birthday dinner I wore minimal accessories and went super chunky with my clothes. Loose and flowy for a warm windy evening.  What I Wore: A Metallic Statment I love boyfriend jeans, jackets and here I am wearing a boyfriend blazer! My favourite thing about this blazer is the high slit down the sides. Makes for a perfect peekaboo to a printed top or dress. Skirt – F21 Tee – HM Heels – BCBG Clutch – HM Necklace – Peoples Watch – Burberry Boyfriend Blazer – F21

Weekend Wear: Black & White Swizzle

During the weekend if you don’t have anywhere to go that calls for formal, semi-formal or even business casual then believe me, I’m going towards an outfit like this. Easily transformed into dressed up and to walking down town Toronto streets. With a change of shoes I was ready for both in my black and white swizzle wear. Don’t let the height of these wedges fool you. They’re really comfortable! I would suggest if you’re purchasing anything from this on-line store, purchase half a size or one size up. They’re not true to size and fit a bit snug. I’ve always found wedges to be a lot easier to walk in than skinny stilettos. It’s just a matter of finding the right design. As most wedges are not very..erm…fashionably pleasing? Sweatpants Jogger Cut – UB, similar here Shirt – HM Wedges & Purse – Shoedazzle Necklace – Forever21…

Mothers Day : Blue & White

Mothers Day, the weather was beautiful and the city was alive with events galore! I had a baseball game to attend with friends from IBM and GNC later in the afternoon, so I planned to surprise her with flowers and cake first. I got to the door and just as I was adjusting my purse to knock on the door, my mom opens the door, on her way out to run some errands. I was caught off guard so I barely made it to saying..“Su su su SURPRISE!” My mom’s reaction, shocked, “Oh wow!! How did you get here?!” I love moments like this. When everything lines up beautifully, to bring a smile to someone’s face. I immediately noticed her outfit and guided her back into the house, telling her she needs to get ready for her special day! Moms are always busy taking care and doing things for others…