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5 Reasons To Mute People On Twitter

Did you know there’s a mute button on Twitter? I know it’s old news. But have you used it? Muting a user on Twitter means their Tweets and Re-tweets will no longer be visible in your home timeline. (They won’t know.) Thank you Twitter for creating the Mute button. This is a great alternative to un-following someone. So when should you use it?  Ranters/Complainers Your typical ranter or complainer on twitter is someone who ONLY rants/complains. You can usually tell when you visit their page and all you see is text. No links, no hashtags, no images… As a matter of fact they may be using Twitter as an output to blow off steam. In most cases I would recommend to just un-follow them, but if it’s a friend/family/co-worker then the mute button will do. Also, if the person you follow usually doesn’t rant and all of a sudden your timeline…