Twitter: What’s NEW

Just as soon as people started thinking Twitter was behind in its game, news sprouted up from social media channels about Twitter growing. At the moment Twitter has 241 million active users and it hasn’t been growing as fast as Facebook, Vine and YouTube. Time to play catch up? Here’s a run down of what to expect and what has already popped up in Twitter News: Last week Twitter rolled out a new platform for hosting video that gives iPhone and Android phone users previews of video clips in their feeds. With a single click you’re able to play the clip. This new feature on Twitter is called in-line video. You can see this feature being used on Vines. Twitter was behind in the video category and it was about time they started focusing on it. It has been reported that Twitter is experimenting with the capability to see how…

Happy Friday! – Friday Faves

Happy Friday everyone! What a productive week! If you took a minute to just quickly look back at your week, what would the highlights be? Here are some uplifting faves from this week. Enjoy! Fave Song: This song is hilarious and I love the beat. Don’t lie, you’ve listened to this song more than once! Fave Dessert Pin: Fave Tweet: Had a documentary marathon this week. All of which were about eating healthy and the benefits of eating your greens. This is a quote from one of the documentaries we watched. The doctor of the future will no longer treat men w/ drugs, but rather will cure & prevent disease with #nutrition. – Thomas Edison— Humara Kausar (@HumaraKausar) March 11, 2014 Fave Quote: Be brave and take that leap of faith and do what you have to do. Take that opportunity and make it your future. Fave Funny Video: As…