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Sibling Love: 5 Tips On Transitioning Your First Child

The early days of being pregnant for the second time, I remember people asking me, what do you want? A boy or a girl? My main concern was, which would little one D get along with more? Would he be more jealous if it were a boy vs a girl or vice versa? Transitioning a toddler from being your one and only to ..”you’re a big brother/sister” can be difficult and/or naturally easy. Every child is different. I’m not sure if it was just luck, or if everything I did leading up to the birth and a month into her being here actually worked. He absolutely adores her. His transition and current status of being a big brother is working. He’s everything I wished for him to be towards his baby sister. Thank god!  Sibling Love: 5 Tips On Transitioning Your First Child Into Being a Brother/Sister I’m sharing the best…

Long Weekend Ready with Dixie Outlet Mall

The wait for the long weekend is over! *insert happy dance* That one extra day of having my husband home makes a world of a difference. It means I get to do so much more than I usually do on the weekends. The weather has been really topsy turvy and because of that I opted for a long weekend ready outfit from Dixie Outlet Mall that would work in rain or shine. How To Get Long Weekend Ready with Dixie Outlet Mall… We often forget the power of the sun and being outdoors for long periods of time can get you sun burnt. I keep my make-up to a minimal on a long weekend. Just don’t want to be bothered with spending hours applying it just to take it off again. Best fashion accessory to hide behind is a cute hat of course! I got this hat from Ardene and…