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How To Deal With And Catch Social Media Trolls

What is a Social Media Troll? Someone who creates conflict on sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and blogs by posting messages that are particularly controversial or inflammatory with the sole intent of provoking an emotional (read: angry) response from other users. – Google These social media trolls are lurking everywhere on the web and most are full of anger and jonzing to discourage people from just about anything they love. So according to google’s translation of a social media troll, these trolls create conflict with messages, but the trolls have upgraded to trolling a few more ways. [Tweet “What is a #socialmedia troll? Here’s how you can catch/deal with these trolls:”] Types of Social media trolls: Comment trolls – They leave negative unnecessary comments anywhere they see the option to comment. Post trolls – These trolls probably have subscribed to your blog just so they can be the first to…

5 Reasons To Mute People On Twitter

Did you know there’s a mute button on Twitter? I know it’s old news. But have you used it? Muting a user on Twitter means their Tweets and Re-tweets will no longer be visible in your home timeline. (They won’t know.) Thank you Twitter for creating the Mute button. This is a great alternative to un-following someone. So when should you use it?  Ranters/Complainers Your typical ranter or complainer on twitter is someone who ONLY rants/complains. You can usually tell when you visit their page and all you see is text. No links, no hashtags, no images… As a matter of fact they may be using Twitter as an output to blow off steam. In most cases I would recommend to just un-follow them, but if it’s a friend/family/co-worker then the mute button will do. Also, if the person you follow usually doesn’t rant and all of a sudden your timeline…