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Cafe Cancan Toronto Review: No strollers allowed. [FOOD]

Cafe Cancan is a fairly new cafe that opened up on Harbord Street in Toronto. Harbord street is a nostalgic area for me because I went to high school near there. The night before going to Cafe Cancan I did some research about the place and went on to their website to do some light reading about the cafe, the owners and anything I needed to know before I went there. I love the fact that this cafe is actually designed by Tiffany Pratt. I love her happy go lucky style and everything she touches with her sense of design is incredible! If you decide to visit this place, keep in mind that parking is a little bit hard to find in this area. We were fortunate enough to find a spot in the residential area, a block from the cafe. I was so excited to check this place out…

TerroniTO: Sud Forno Review

Toronto has an ample amount of cafés and coffee shops. But what sets others out from the rest? What do you look for in your next study or remote working place? Most importantly they’ve got to have really good drinks and desserts. So what draws you in? Interior, the food, free WiFi perhaps? At first when you walk in you can see that it’s a small place with minimal seating. You get that feeling that you’re in a bakery. All their delicious baked goods to the left and straight ahead pizza! There are stairs to the second floor where you’ll find a big table with more seats. I didn’t try the gelato, but they have that too! And then there was this yummy drink and cake! Ok, so Sud Forno so far has the best Nutella drink in Toronto. It’s funny and sad at the same time that Canada’s first ever Nutella…