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I had the pleasure of going to the Nine West Preview for Fall 2017 and Spring/Summer 2018. I love shoes. All sorts of shoes. I’ve never met a woman who has said the opposite. There are so many beautiful shoes to choose from that I always have a hard time deciding on “the one”! I’m breaking it down for you to make your life just a tad bit easier. So feel free to window shop through this post!  NINE WEST 2017/2018 PREVIEW & POMBONS [FASHION] I love everyday flats that look unique and stand out. Everything above is my jam. Love these open toe heels and sandals for Spring Summer 2018. Also, love that they’re very minimalist in black and white. How cute is this black bucket bag? I love strappy black heels. They can be worn with anything and it can be really sexy. If you want it to…

What to Wear to a Picnic #DixieDeals

Double digit weather is finally here and I’m getting ready for patio and picnic dates! It’s a bit tricky deciding on what to wear to a summer picnic. It really depends on what sort of activities you’ll be participating in or the lack of. My general rule of thumb is, if it’s a picnic where you’re playing sports or helping with the BBQ, then I lean towards wearing pants and a top. If I’ll be relaxing and just enjoying the weather, then I want to look cute. Looking cute was a lot easier before having kids. Now whatever I choose to wear, it has to be cute but also “nursing friendly”. SUMMER PICNIC VIBES If you have been following my blog, Twitter and Instagram stories, you’ll see me mention some of the great #DixieDeals I’ve been finding at the Dixie Outlet Mall. The best is when I don’t even know…

Coffee Date at Colette [Toronto]

Just before Easter Colette was decorated with cute easter eggs, bunnies and let’s just stop and appreciate that awesome chalkboard art. Their holiday decor is on point. Also, they have feature drinks that they change according to the season or for different holidays. The feature drink at the time I went was the Maple Fog Latte. I typically drink an earl gray with two milks and two sugars. Yup, double it up. London Fogs are my favourite. So imagine how happy I was to know this drink was made with an Earl Gray base. I love this place and the interior is dreamy! Clean and chic. Very Parisian. I can’t wait to have brunch here next time!

Staying Warm Winter Basics

Just when everyone starts to think the weather is going to change, we’re hit with frigid temperatures and people start to get sick. I know, but it’s March and spring should be around the corner. You just never know with this topsy turvy weather. For the last bit of this winter I thought I’d squeeze in some of my favourite winter basics this season. Some of you may be familiar with the hashtag #DarkTO. Which was trending on Twitter when we started to get power outages due to the extreme cold conditions in southern Ontario. We had a few days of sun and then got hit with this deep freeze spell. Hopefully the last for this winter, especially since that was only a few days ago. Are you braving the cold and going about your usual schedule or have you decided to hibernate? What are some of your winter basics for…