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8 New Mom Must-Haves Including Non-Traditional Items [MOTHERHOOD]

There are so many baby products to choose from in stores that it can get overwhelming, time-consuming and pricey. You’ll either just buy everything and most of it you’ll never use and let’s not forget you’ll break the bank. Or you’ll just say I’ll buy it if I need it and forget to buy it because baby brain will kick in. Here are my most recent new mom must-haves, and if you can think of any great ideas leave me a blog comment to help a fellow new mom out there. P.S The order of products doesn’t imply the best or least favourite, just listing based on memory.  8 New Mom Must-Haves Including Non-Traditional Items 1. Dock-a-tot I’ve been using the dock-a-tot for years now and it has come in so handy. Great for co-sleeping and perfect for laying your child down on when you need to step away and…