#BeautyBoutiqueHoliday Party! [EVENT]

Merry Christmas! Some of you are sitting around the Christmas tree with hot cocoa, eggnog and other fancy drinks and treats. Most importantly spending quality time with friends and family. Opening presents and sharing precious memories. Not only is it Christmas Day for me but our wedding anniversary! Five years ago today we got married! At this very moment I’m cuddling my husband and have baby D sitting beside us reading Christmas books. Not. Actually, baby D has fallen asleep, taking his nap, so my hubs and I are watching bad moms. :”D  The #beautyBOUTIQUEholiday party was held at the TIFF building in the beautiful malaparte room. When we entered the room the first thing we noticed were the beautiful white Christmas trees with lip gloss, mascara and other beauty product ornaments! How cute! I love shopping at beauty boutiques for gifts. I remember for one of D’s birthdays getting him his…