tie dye pillow case


DIY – Tie Dye Pillowcase

When it starts getting gloomy outside and I’m stuck indoors, I get an itch to start a new project. A simple DIY does the trick. Have you ever tried tie dyeing anything? I was going through the spring issue of Style Advisor and noticed this page of tie dye cushions that inspired me to do my own! What you need: 1 pillowcase 1 Rit® Dye colour 1 cup of salt if your pillowcase is made with cotton Rubber bands Hot Water Bucket Scissors Directions: Gather the center of the pillowcase in your hand and wrap a rubber band around it. Continue wrapping rubber bands all around the pillow case by twisting different sections and tying tight with rubber bands. Fill your bucket with 2-3 gallons of hot water and put in the cup of salt. Stir. Now put in 1/2 the bottle of dye. Make sure you wear plastic…