TGIF – Friday Faves!

FINALLY! Friday is here! It has been a long week catching up to work that I missed while I was away in New York for Social Media Week. Again, thank you so much Nokia for having me. I put together some things that made me happy, smile & LOL this week. Enjoy! Fave Video: I haven’t had a girls night with my besties in a long time due to our busy schedules. When I saw this video it made me feel all warm and cuddly inside. Fave Motivation: The time when I contemplated whether I should get up for a yoga session, and then I saw this. Done deal. Up and ready to go! Fave Hairstyle: I come across some pretty cool hairstyles everyday and I save them on Pinterest or in my phone. Thinking, one of these days I’ll take some extra time to try it. My goal is…