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What to Wear to a Picnic #DixieDeals

Double digit weather is finally here and I’m getting ready for patio and picnic dates! It’s a bit tricky deciding on what to wear to a summer picnic. It really depends on what sort of activities you’ll be participating in or the lack of. My general rule of thumb is, if it’s a picnic where you’re playing sports or helping with the BBQ, then I lean towards wearing pants and a top. If I’ll be relaxing and just enjoying the weather, then I want to look cute. Looking cute was a lot easier before having kids. Now whatever I choose to wear, it has to be cute but also “nursing friendly”. SUMMER PICNIC VIBES If you have been following my blog, Twitter and Instagram stories, you’ll see me mention some of the great #DixieDeals I’ve been finding at the Dixie Outlet Mall. The best is when I don’t even know…