Stuffed Green Pepper

Here’s the deal. You come home from the gym and you’re exhausted! Your body aches and you just want to drop to the floor. Don’t let the beat drop just yet and pick yourself up to try this AMAZING stuffed green pepper recipe. Quick and easy. Prep Time: 35mins You will need: Whole Green Peppers ( 1 for each person) Rice Dice tomatoes, mushrooms, broccoli (whatever veggies you want) Crushed cashews Chicken breast cut into cubes Cheese Coriander How to: Put your rice in a rice cooker or Uncle Ben’s instant rice Cut the top out of the green peppers. Clean them out. Place in oven to soften to desired texture. In a sauce pan cook your chicken breast cubes until cooked. You can add honey, or just salt, pepper and cayenne pepper for a more spicy flavour. Add your chopped veggies and crushed cashews. Sauté veggies with soy sauce…