5 Tips for Toddler and Baby Airplane Travel, Including Netflix Downloads

We just came back to Toronto from our first flight with two kids. Baby D had flown twice before but at 3 months old. which made this officially his first time, where he will hopefully remember everything. Before the trip, I did a couple of things that really helped traveling with my two babies.  Here are my 5 Tips to Travel with a Toddler and a Baby, Including what Netflix shows you should download for offline viewing: 1. LOTS OF SNACKS So on our plane ride to Vancouver, I packed some juice boxes, goldfish, cookies, and some dry fruit. But what the heck was I thinking! That’s a lot of sugar to give to a toddler on a plane where the options to burn that sugar off is very low. I ran out of options to keep his tantrums from escalating and learned very fast what I shouldn’t have done. That…

TOP 3 Interactive Ways to Watch Netflix with Your Toddler

To be honest, I’m enjoying the freedom to watch cartoons again. I mean, of course, with him. I read an article a few months back about interacting with your children while they get screen time helps them actually focus and learn from what they’re watching. Otherwise, they can easily fall into just watching shows aimlessly. So here are my TOP 3 interactive ways to watch Netflix with your toddler: TOP 3 Interactive Ways to Watch Netflix with Your Toddler 1. ASK QUESTIONS: Asking your toddler what/why/how pertaining to the episode they’re watching helps them to stay in focus on what’s going on. It always opens communication with the parent. Usually, when I ask questions, soon after I’m holding some toys and we’re reenacting what happened on the scene he just watched on Paw Patrol.Or I’m googling for answers to his questions about specific animals. If you ask questions, they will…