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Periscope vs Snapchat

RANT ALERT: I have no more space on my android to be downloading anymore apps so I steered away from Snapchat until I transferred over all my images and videos to my laptop. Now there’s another player in the social media world called Periscope and the Social Media Marketer in me must know, what’s this peri stuff all about. After deleting some unnecessary whatsapp images/videos, uninstalling viber and shazam, I’ve installed periscope. (P.S I’m glad I didn’t download Meerkat) With all these new social media platforms emerging, how do you decide which ones to use regularly? I’m going to keep it simple and lay out my pros/cons on how you can decide whether you’re a Periscope, a Snapchat or both platforms user. Periscope Periscope is an app where you see events happening in real-time. You’re suppose to experience the event from the broadcasters point of view. However, I can…

Online Community Manager Tips

Online Community Manager: a growing and developing profession. People in this position work to build, grow and manage online communities around a brand or cause.* I was recently approached by Sprout Social to be interviewed for their Community Manager Tips segment for their blog and to be shared on their various social platforms. Here are my quick tips: Sprout Social is a social media management tool created to help businesses find new customers & grow their social media presence. With all of the platforms out there I must say that this platform is not only aesthetically pleasing but has everything you need to successfully manage your social media presence. I’m using the free trial now and so far, really good! If you’re considering to be an Online Community Manager, I’d follow this check list to see if you have the skills and are prepared to take on this role. 1.…