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Postpartum Fitness: 5 Steps to Getting into an Exercise Routine

It is now 12 weeks since I had my baby girl. I’m itching to get back into an exercise routine. To be honest, I never really had a “routine”. Being active was second nature to me and I never really put any effort into staying healthy or to stay the XS small size I had a love/hate relationship with. Okay, please don’t kill me for saying this. For years I would have trouble gaining weight. This is before I had children. “You have a fast metabolism”, they said. Fast forward after having two under two, and I’m having trouble losing it. Of course it’s in all the wrong places. My friends and I have countless times joked about a machine that could suck it out from one place and put it in another. Funny enough I found out a month ago a friend of a friend of mine actually did that…