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Thermal/Mineral Spring Water Spray Review & Tips

Thermal Spring Water sprays have been around for a long time and can be used for many reasons. Walk into your local drug store and you may recognize at least four brands that carry it. Yay for selections, but which one is for you? One thing all of these waters have in common are that they’re all connected to France. Evian Facial Spray Not sure why, but this brand of water spray always seemed to me as if they just wanted to bottle/market their product differently to make more money. It felt that way because they started off doing water bottles for consumption before entering the cosmetic industry.They launched a skincare line in Canada in the 90’s, but it didn’t sell and was then discontinued. I remember trying the oxgenating moisturizer. A very light refreshing gel-lotion. However, didn’t hydrate my skin for longer than a few hours. This water spray like…