Top 10 Tips To Save Your Staples

We all have that go to t-shirt, pants, shoes and even purse. Whatever your staples may be, you want them to last forever! I’ve teamed up with ThirdLove, a San Francisco company who specialize in under garments to bring you staple saving tips from them and some of my own. Top 10 Tips To Save Your Staples 1. Bra Care: If you don’t hand wash them, then always machine wash with the gentle/delicate cycle. Don’t mix your whites with colours. 2. Underwear: 3. Wear an apron:  If you’re stepping into the kitchen to cook, you’ll want to wear an apron to protect your clothes. Anything could happen when you’re cooking. For an example, the oil you might be cooking with could splash onto your clothes. Or how about baking. I know when I’m baking I somehow always get flour on me. So do your clothes some justice and wear an…