The Future of ROBOTS

Robots were invented to make our lives easier in some way or to do things that we cannot do, like exploring Mars. Although robots fascinate people, they have not yet made much of a mark on the world. Especially compared to the make believe ones we’ve seen in movies like iRobot and The Terminator. However, we’re very close to this changing. More companies are investing in the future of robots. The New York Times reported that in 2013, Google bought eight promising robot start-ups in the United States and Japan to help build a “new generation” of robots. These robots will make the electronics assembly process easier and possibly help with Google’s same-day delivery efforts. Andy Rubin, who was the mastermind behind the Android operating system, is working on this top secret Robots project. Amazon.com, which is Google’s competitor in the Robots category, stated that one day they want Amazon’s…