5 Ways to Relax [Happy Valentine’s Day!]

Happy Valentine’s Day! I’m going to steer away from the Valentines Day ootd’s, gift ideas etc posts and bring to you these quick ways to relax. Because let’s remember, valentines day isn’t just about loving others or others loving you, but also about loving yourself. Taking care of you and making yourself happy. It’s so easy to say; relax, but not so easy to actually get into that mood. Especially if you’re all about that busy life, doing multiple things at once, wear a gazillion hats and fear taking a break because you could be really checking something off your to do list. Well, honestly, take that damn break! We get so riled up in our crazy busy lives that we often forget to take time for ourselves. So here’s my fool proof 5 quick ways to relax, and please.. I want you to try at least one and tell me how…