Roast Chicken with Persimmons and Olives with Persimon®

Let’s first get my confession out of the way before we start. I had never tried persimmons before and this was my first time! I always wondered what they tasted like but never saw them being sold in singles, only by the case. (Update: Singles sold in Chinatown or Harvest Wagon) Persimmons are sweet and sort of taste like cantaloupes, peaches or mangoes. The ones I bought are ready to eat as soon as you purchase them. Even better, they’re seedless, pit-less and you don’t have to peel the skin off! Persimon® are available November through January, if they last! I called 3 Sobeys and a Foodland. They were all sold out (End of November), so they are clearly high in demand. At the end I found a box at Metro! Yay! This particular brand Persimon ®, are ripe and ready to eat, while other brands you may have to wait for them…