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ACI Brands: Fall and Holiday Collections 2017 [BEAUTY]

Summer is coming to an end and now it’s time to prepare for Fall/Winter and even more exciting, the holidays! Here’s a sneak peek that you may have also seen via my Instagram stories, of the ACI Brands: Fall and Holiday Collections for 2017. KORRES ACI Brands: Fall and Holiday Collections Greek Yoghurt Under Eye Priming Moisturiser is new in-stores this month. This is combining the best of make-up and best of skincare without any silicone. This lightweight priming moisturizer has 26% Greek Yoghurt proteins to plump and strengthen your skin for perfectly smooth makeup application and all-day wear. <Learn more> BEAUTY HACK: After applying to the under eye you can take a little and add it to your dry lips. By the time you’re done your make-up, you’ll have smooth lips for an even lipstick application. The Wild Rose Brightening Smoothie Priming Moisturiser will be in store this September! This beautiful…