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Rips and Ruffles

It was a Rips and Ruffles kinda day… I must say..(totally off topic) but Lays chips has done an amazing job by naming their chips, ruffles. I’m talking about ruffles in your clothes but for some reason when I say or think ruffles, the chips come to mind. (I don’t even eat chips anymore!). I apologize in advance if by the end of this post you’re craving chips. I love this high and low ruffled top. To be honest, I can’t figure out where I got it from because the tag was driving me crazy, so I cut it off. Oops! The rips in these Zara jeans are poifect! Only because they’re just surface layer rips, not ripped to show skin. Which is great if it’s a bit chilly out. I don’t like being cold. I feel as if I take this bcbg tote bag everywhere! It was one of my…