Epic Blend Review & Giveaway

Epic Blend is a Canadian brand of premium lip balms that you may have seen or read about somewhere online or heard about them through one of my favourite magazines, Elle Canada. There are so many unnecessary ingredients in cosmetics these days. Brands seem to be either coming up with innovative targeted ingredients or they are moving forward by keeping it simple and tapping into the market of au naturel. [Tweet “RT if you have a lip balm in every purse #Beauty”] You can never have enough lip balms. Especially during dry winters like the one we’re having. I’ve tried lots of different lip balms and my least favourite ones are the ones that go on greasy and promise to be moisturizing but aren’t. As soon as the greasiness wears off, you’re left with dry chapped lips again. I’ve found the solution with these Epic Blend balms that are not greasy…