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5 ways to wear a womens necktie

You may have seen the womens necktie at Zara (Which was first $20, then $10 and now on sale for $3.99), magazines and dare I say, the Kardashians. Aside from those places, I’m sure if you asked your mom, aunt and any working woman from the 70’s/80’s, she’ll tell you that the womens necktie is a spin off of the pussy bow blouse. So these ties we’re rocking in 2015/16, are really a tribute to the boss ladies of the 80’s. Nice. Check out the documentary – Makers: Women Who Make America, a three-hour documentary on the history of modern feminism that aired on PBS. Meg Whitman, CEO of Hewlett-Packard said:  “We used to dress in suits with a skirt and a jacket with button-down shirts and a little bow tie, because that was sort of our interpretation of the man’s tie…It was our attempt to be feminine but fit into what was then…