Friday Faves: Feel the love!

What a beautiful Friday! The weather is amazing. It’s sweltering hot outside and I’m 5 days away from being in Bermuda! I have some pretty awesome videos and posts coming up, so don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel and Like my Facebook page to be the first to know. ;”) Here are my Friday Faves that really made me feel the love for education, fashion, life and Coca-Cola. Fave App & Website: How many of you remember Reading Rainbow? It went off air a few years ago but now it’s back in a new way! Now there’s a Reading Rainbow application that you can download to your phone and tablet. Levar Burton is advancing with the new generation and bringing his love of books to life through technology today. Check out the website here and here’s the video: Fave YouTube Video: Watching some YouTube videos and I found…

Friday Faves – Follow your goals

Hope everyone is having a happy Friday! I am actually sick with a fever. Toronto’s winter weather hasn’t been nice to us this time around.-30 weather, snow in March and Leafs keep losing. Irrelevant to the weather, but I thought I’d throw that in there. Regardless of all that, throughout the week there were some things that made me laugh, motivated or sparked an idea! Check’em out: Fave Video: I uploaded this video back in 2006 and totally forgot about it. This was my cat Maya’s first day at the house and I placed her for a second on my desk and wanted to record a video to send to a friend of mine, when something unexpectedly happens…to this day when I watch this video, it still makes me go “OU!” Fave Pin: I am in love with these John Galliano – Resort Shoes for 2014. The pop of yellow…