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L’oreal voxbox [Review]

When your @InfluensterCA voxbox has some of your most favourite products!😄 #WinningWednesday @LOrealParisCAN pic.twitter.com/4JqEfWEXET — Humara Kausar (@HumaraKausar) May 5, 2016 L’oreal Voxbox Review There are so many drug store cosmetics to choose from, and L’oreal has been a tested and true brand for me. Not everyone enjoys the high end boutique brands and some even find amazing dupes. dupe2 d(y)o͞op/ verb & noun verb: dupe; 3rd person present: dupes; past tense: duped; past participle: duped; gerund or present participle: duping; noun: dupe; plural noun: dupes short for duplicate, especially in photography. As a matter of fact, the first mascara I tried was the L’oreal Voluminous mascara. This mascara has always been my go to when I’m on a budget and need the look/quality of a more expensive brand. Pros – It doesn’t flake off from your lashes – I usually get perfect wear from this mascara up to 10…