illuMask, as seen in Harpers Bazaar, Elle, InStyle & teenVOGUE. You may have seen bloggers or stars using some kind of light therapy. Usually at a spa or skin specialists office. Well, good news! You can now do it at home! I know there were some smaller versions of something like this, but I have never seen a full face light therapy mask to use at home. I remember the first time I really got interested in light therapy was when I saw Jessica Alba’s instagram post: I follow Dani Song (Blogger/Entrepreneur) on snapchat and for the longest time she ended her stories with a light therapy session, and then I got really curious! Waahh!! I can do this at home?! I did my research and found illumask! Which by the way, at the moment their not selling on their website because their coming out with something NEW! I can’t wait…