Women: Social Media Leaders – Why are they on top of the Social industry?

Is it a big surprise that women are social media leaders today? (P.S Happy International Women’s Day!) Let me just dive right in. Historically it is proven that women understand emotions and are more nurturing than men. Women are known to have a higher emotional intelligence. is regarded as a far stronger predictor of success – in work, love and life – than traditional measures of intelligence, with 90% of leadership success being attributed to a high EQ.* I believe emotional intelligence plays a key role in social interactions. A huge aspect of social media is interacting and engaging with your audience. Emotionally captivating them to continue to follow you on which ever social platform it may be. Women love to nurture relationships and create a strong foundation for a long term relationship. Don’t get me wrong, there are men out there who can do exactly the same thing. But…