Korean fashion


What I Wore: Baroque + Overalls

I feel as if I may have written this somewhere before, but I love Korean fashion! (And that’s before our trip to South Korea). Toronto has many options when it comes to shopping for looks directly from Korea. Especially on Queen St! If you look carefully you can find some nice stuff from Spoof!, a boutique on the corner of Queen and Spadina and there are a few more whose store names I can’t remember. Kathy?! Something like that. There have been times where I found some unique outfits made in Korea but they didn’t have my size. Most girls there are petite in terms of their frame, not as much for height. But if you really love it don’t worry, do as I do and turn a dress into a pant shirt combo or wear it with leggings! Short sleeves? I layer a longer sleeve shirt underneath or just…