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Kim Kardashian Inspired Turquoise Eyeliner Look

Where do you get inspiration for your next make-up look, hairstyle or even fashion? For make-up looks most of my inspiration comes from instagram. This Kim Khardashian look was found via my IG news feed. It’s pictures like this that strike a memory of what I have in my make-up inventory and gets me inspired when I’m stuck in a routine of wearing the same old colours day after day. It’s funny how exactly 10 years ago I was rocking bright purple and turquoise on my peepers and now here I am lusting for bright colours again. I think a huge reason why I ever stopped was getting into the corporate world. I’ve never seen anyone at our office and many other corporate offices rock bright colour shadows or liners. Maybe bold lips, but that too can be risky sometimes. Enough jibber jabbering.. Products I used for this Kim Kardashian Look:…