5 Toronto Ice-Cream Shops You Won’t Regret [FOOD]

This summer I had lots of fun catering to my sweet tooth in Toronto. So many new ice-cream shops popped up in the last few years. With so many to choose from, I’ve narrowed them down to this summers favourites. Here are my 5 Toronto Ice-Cream shops you won’t regret trying. Call me crazy, but I’ll be going back to these places this Fall/Winter: 1. BANG BANG Ice-Cream Location: 93A Ossington Ave I remember the first time I came here with our dear friends, it was a cold Saturday afternoon some time in the Winter/Fall. There was a line up out the store, down the street. That should say a lot on its own of how good this place is. It’s not big inside, very minimal space to sit or stand. It didn’t matter, we ate ours just outside the shop. We went with the ice-cream sandwiches. You choose the…

Social Media: Is it plagiarism or is it innovative?

The digital age where social media has become a huge part of our generation, the opportunity curve is going through the roof for the guy/girl next door becoming famous overnight over an uploaded video, tweet or instagram post. My Facebook feed had this one article that was being shared over and over again by different people and even made it to a few of my whatsapp group conversations. A YouTuber becomes famous and some of the videos have a word for word resemblance with another YouTubers videos. Some viewers feel cheated and have shown their outrage via YouTube comments, twitter and other social platforms. Everyone has their opinion on whether this is unethical or not. If you ask me, before judging someone online for copying another persons content and resorting to cyber bullying take these points into consideration: If you believe someone has done something unethical, being unethical back (ex.…

Social Media Etiquette

Do you have good Social Media Etiquette? Social Media has a global reach and trust me when I write this, but there is no room for poor etiquette. Unless you would like to purposely rub your social media image in the dirt.  Creating accounts for every popular social media application or website and leaving your accounts dormant, why? Many people do this. They think they need to be on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest and make their accounts, only to never open them again. If that sounds like you, both do your research and learn about each one and their benefits for you personally or your business so you can start using the application to your advantage, or simply just delete the account that you never use. Some people fail to realize that having a social media account that hasn’t been watered and nurtured into an increasing amount of followers…

Twitter: What’s NEW

Just as soon as people started thinking Twitter was behind in its game, news sprouted up from social media channels about Twitter growing. At the moment Twitter has 241 million active users and it hasn’t been growing as fast as Facebook, Vine and YouTube. Time to play catch up? Here’s a run down of what to expect and what has already popped up in Twitter News: Last week Twitter rolled out a new platform for hosting video that gives iPhone and Android phone users previews of video clips in their feeds. With a single click you’re able to play the clip. This new feature on Twitter is called in-line video. You can see this feature being used on Vines. Twitter was behind in the video category and it was about time they started focusing on it. It has been reported that Twitter is experimenting with the capability to see how…

Instagram for beginners: How To

You’ve decided to jump on the Instagram bandwagon and don’t know where to start. You’re wondering alright, another application to add to the rest. I’m sure you’ve come across at least one Insta picture without actually downloading the app or even knowing it. It’s everywhere! Your Instagram account can be whatever you want it to be. Just put in thought to your posts and you’ll see your followers grow. If you’re not sure what to post on Instagram, try doing A/B testing. Post different pictures and see what your fans prefer. Whichever images get the most likes, that is your category to target. Keep in mind not everyone on Instagram has the goal to gain followers or likes. Some are on Instagram to promote their products, brand, post their opinions, speak out for a cause or a place to be recognized for their awesome food pictures. What ever it may…

Mobile Marketing 2014

is marketing on or with a mobile device, such as a smart phone. Mobile marketing can provide customers with time and location sensitive, personalized information that promotes goods, services and ideas.* SMWTO Learnings There was a recent study done on the psychological connections with users and their mobile screens. The study found some areas where companies could make connections with their customers overlooked.* Most companies were missing a connection with their consumers hearts. To build your brand you need to connect with your consumers, it isn’t about connecting with the mind with fancy wordplay anymore. Email blasts with Sale, Last Chance or 50% off just don’t do it anymore. Mobile allows targeting specific consumers who want to see unique content. The average user that looks at their mobile device looks in seconds. If it’s not interesting, consumer is lost. Brands that are leveraging content know how to use vine, instagram, twitter,…

Twenty 13

Looking back at this year, I must say that I am full of gratitude.This is the year I chose to expand on my web status. Come up with new ideas for the new year. Started this blog and a plan to share my knowledge with all of you!

2013 was also the year I celebrated my marriage to the most brilliant man on earth. Truly a blessing to have him in my life. Travelling to California, Texas and Egypt were experiences I will cherish forever. Tales of my travels are just ones to marvel at and lust to want to go as well. Purchasing a home and getting our kitten Beep! are just samples of 2013 milestones.

So what are your new year resolutions?

What steps will you take to make sure you acheive them?

The best advice I could give you is don’t leave things to tomorrow. Make use of the time you have today. You’ll thank yourself tomorrow.

To an even better year, 2014.

Thank you everyone for all of your love on Instagram!

Have a Happy New Year!