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5 Toronto Ice-Cream Shops You Won’t Regret [FOOD]

This summer I had lots of fun catering to my sweet tooth in Toronto. So many new ice-cream shops popped up in the last few years. With so many to choose from, I’ve narrowed them down to this summers favourites. Here are my 5 Toronto Ice-Cream shops you won’t regret trying. Call me crazy, but I’ll be going back to these places this Fall/Winter: 1. BANG BANG Ice-Cream Location: 93A Ossington Ave I remember the first time I came here with our dear friends, it was a cold Saturday afternoon some time in the Winter/Fall. There was a line up out the store, down the street. That should say a lot on its own of how good this place is. It’s not big inside, very minimal space to sit or stand. It didn’t matter, we ate ours just outside the shop. We went with the ice-cream sandwiches. You choose the…